Transfert Oak wood partially burnt, 150 x 180 x 45 cm © Jems Koko Bi

An ambitious and generous event, Continua Sphères ENSEMBLE brings together galleries in an unprecedented manner and, contrary to fairs, invites them to join forces rather than be in competition, offering the visitor a specific experience. As a subjective and dynamic panorama of contemporary creation, selected by the artistic direction of the CENTQUATRE with the complicity of the gallery owners, it also shows new ways of associating and producing that testify to the desire and necessity of remaining open, not to more spaces, but to new ways of creating together. The gathering of the participating galleries and foundations shows to what extent a partner federation can counter fall-back positions and announce an alliance born from friendship or impulse, with art as the starting point.

Artistic direction: José-Manuel Gonçalvès

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