Virtual Tour

We are happy to present you a 3D tour of our spaces in Abidjan.

Discover the two current exhibitions:
- Paraboles d'un règne sauvage, by the young Senegalese artist Serigne Ibrahima Dieye in the main gallery.
- Kôguôè, an exhibition by Bamouin Sinzé in the Project Space.
For the occasion, some major paintings from our stock were also displayed in the new gallery.


The visit begins in the exhibition of Serigne Ibrahima Dieye, in the main gallery. After having visited it (do not hesitate to click on the works to know more about them), leave it by the long white corridor and cross the outside courtyard of the gallery to discover the exhibition of Bamouin Sinzé, inside our new exhibition space created in March 2020. Don't hesitate to go and see our future storage area, through the large white door, where some major paintings by several artists of the gallery are displayed. 


To start the tour, click here