Bamouin Sinzé

Since his childhood, Bamouin Sinzé has transported himself into an inner world, a world of chimeras in which he can gather himself. The plastic gesture allows him to give life to the figures that inhabit him, to give shape to the shadows. If this universe is not tangible, it is not necessarily non-existent. For Bamouin Sinzé, each of us has an intimate and specific knowledge of it, but only some of us have the curiosity or the temerity to assume it and embrace it.


Bamouin Sinzé, with a candle in his hand, draws lines, circles and curves in the air under his upside down canvas, most of the time at night, like invisible writing. The smoke transcribes these gestures on the canvas by grey and vaporous, fragile marks. The evanescence thus appears to be at the centre of his work. The artist seeks to represent a fragment of immortalized time, to seize the impalpable, to represent what inexorably ends up disappearing.