Paysages @ Magasin CNAC : Binta Diaw

Galerie expérimentale, Magasin CNAC 19 November 2022 - 5 March 2023 
Galerie expérimentale, Magasin CNAC

Founded on the co-production and the networking, the programming of the Magasin CNAC finds its relevance in its inscription on its territory and the mobilization of its actors. As a matter of course for its reopening, an exhibition is produced in partnership with the Ecole supérieure d'art et design Grenoble - Valence, honoring the production of one of its alumni. Binta Diaw, who graduated from ÉSAD Grenoble in 2019, has been invited to inaugurate the Magasin CNAC's experimental gallery with a solo exhibition. The artist extends her reflections around the female body, freedom and decolonial emancipation through the image of the mangrove as a place of refuge, sociality and political reorganization.

For the exhibition Landscapes at the Magasin CNAC, the works presented on the floor are inspired by the practice of braiding by African women on the plantations, who followed the routes of marronage, these paths shared by slaves in an attempt to escape the plantation, and whose hair sometimes contained seeds of their homeland, carried as an act of resistance and perpetuation.


On the wall, Binta Diaw creates a new work from her series Paysages corporels, for which she photographs parts of her own body. The artist then intervenes in situ by reworking her photographs with grease chalk. She redraws traces of color that transform the lines and shapes of the body into harmonious and endless journeys, punctuated by paths and landscapes. These traces result from a process of introspective questioning on the cycles of women, nature and art.

Curator: Alexia Pierre and Noémie Pirus-Hassid.
In partnership with ESAD Grenoble-Valence, as part of the Festival des Gestes de la Recherche* conceived by Simone Frangi and Katia Schneller.