« INFILTRÉES – 5 manières d’habiter le monde », Prix Reiffers Art Initiatives 2023: Binta Diaw

Acacias Art Center 30, rue des Acacias 75017 Paris 12 May - 16 June 2023 
Acacias Art Center 30, rue des Acacias 75017 Paris

Binta Diaw is an artist of Senegalese origin born in Milan. The artist is a graduate of the Accademia di belle arti di Brera di Milano in Milan as well as the École d'Art et de Design de Grenoble in France. Nourishing her quest with the contributions of intersectionality and feminism, the artist takes us on an exploration of the multiple layers of identity, including her own as a black woman in a Europeanized world. Binta Diaw is part of the second exhibition of the Reiffers Art Initiatives 2023 Prize, « INFILTRÉES – 5 manières d’habiter le monde ».

The exhibition brings together the works of five emerging artists from the contemporary scene. Entitled "Infiltrated - 5 ways of inhabiting the world", it highlights the artistic approach of these young talents and rewards the beginning of the career of one of them, who will receive the Prize in early June. Invited to take over the Acacias Art Center - whose new architecture will be revealed on this occasion -, the artists infiltrate its space to display works that are almost all new. Artists who are not content to simply grapple with the world, but who work just as hard to reconfigure it aesthetically and conceptually in order to propose other imaginaries and other ways of making the world, together.