Mécaniques des fluides (naviguer, transporter, filmer): Exposition collective

14 June - 27 July 2013 ABIDJAN

A video exhibition curated by Marie Muracciole.

It is the very first time that Cecile Fakhoury Gallery presents an exhibition entirely devoted to film and video in Abidjan.

Screens have invaded the space, and artistic environments very different from each other immerse us in stories of contemporary lives. We come across different places of projections that alternate between fast pace sequences and others that are more meditative. We go from a tale of trades between Europe and Africa (Francis Alÿs) to a parable of the horizon (The Atlas Group), to astounding ‘‘re-reading’’ of the maps of the Mediterranean world (Bouchra Khalili).

Exploratory projects (John Akomfrah, Pierre Huyghe, Zhou Tao) stand along a radical investigation of the use of the sea (Allan Sekula), and a strange apology of the coastal lifestyle(Neil Beloufa). All these films connect the documentary approach and the poetic narration style.

Starting from the common ground that is the marine world, Mécaniques des fluides creates different reflections on what happens there, usually far away from our sight. The selected films deal with boats, coasts, and harbors, as well as mythology and stereotypes on travels, the fantasy of the horizon, the politics of the economy and the human exploitation at sea.