Masquerade: Aboudia - Dakar

20 September - 22 November 2019 DAKAR

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is pleased to present Masquerade, the solo exhibition of Ivorian artist Aboudia.


A Masquerade as a manifesto. Gules mounted on hollow bodies planted there, looking straight into your soul. A parade of masks in which we fell by chance and not necessarily of our own free will; a rebel demonstration that we internally disapprove of but which fascinates. «It’s gnagami,» a mess. We don’t understand it, it is everywhere, it is deafening. Always the same facies from one work to another. Aboudia’s incessant repetition makes his forms identifiable. The Môgôs* with their Grebo mask* face, with their hypnotized eyes and tight smiles. They form a redundant and incarnate casting that plays in the plastic-esthetic thriller that the artist has been writing for several years. Each one has its own attribute - studio actor’s toolbox - two lungs, a rib cage in the form of a telephone keyboard, a chest.