Often deployed in the form of installations of varying dimensions, Binta Diaw's plastic research is part of a philosophical reflection on the social phenomena that define our contemporary world, such as migration, the notion of belonging and the question of gender. Earth, chalk, rope but also synthetic hair or rolled flags are some of the materials that form the artist's plastic language.

In her works, Binta Diaw places great emphasis on the physical and sensory experience, forcing the viewer to recognise his or her place in the world and the place of his or her experience in front of the work. The artist constantly challenges the dominance of a Eurocentric perspective.

Nourishing her quest with the contributions of intersectionality and feminism, Binta Diaw takes us on an exploration of the multiple layers of identity; hers as a black woman in a Europeanized world; ours and that of a continent at the crossroads of history and geographies.