Féminin plurielles @ La Coopérative-Musée Cérès Franco: Group Show

5, route d’Alzonne 11170 Montolieu 16 April - 30 October 2022 
5, route d’Alzonne 11170 Montolieu Du mardi au dimanche De 10h à 12h30 et de 14h30 à 18h https://www.collectionceresfranco.com/fr/expositions-et-artistes/expositions-description/80001063

The works presented in the exhibition Feminine Plural generate connections that expand the notion of "feminine" rather than reinforce the univocal and monolithic understanding traditionally attributed to it. The exhibition thus brings together works from the Cérès Franco collection, notably from artists with whom she had established strong professional and personal ties, with loans of works by contemporary artists.


Cur. Michela Alessandrini