Performance "Inner Past" : Dalila Dalléas Bouzar

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury December 3, 2016
Galerie Cécile Fakhoury

In the frame of the exhibition in her room, Dalila Dalléas Bouzar presented a perfoemance at Galerie Cécile Fakhoury in Abidjan. Inner Past deals with disappearance, an internal revolution. The artist elevates her drawing: La maison. Like an initial drawing, the box contains the family environment, a refuge for memories where everyday youth scenes are played out. La Cabane, a precarious, ephemeral structure, accommodates the artist’s personal archives, her assumed personal notebooks. In a role-play she arranges, steals and dissolves the material to preserve the memory indefinitely. The artist is in turn victim and guilty of the disappearance of these traces of her past.