Je ne pense qu'a ça: Vincent Michéa

20 September - 16 November 2013 ABIDJAN

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is pleased to present Je ne pense qu'a ça, Vincent Michéa’s first exhibition in Abidjan.


The exhibition showcases an overview of the work and series that were created by the artist at different moments of his career. It introduces either kissing scenes taken from famous movies or record covers of popular African music, as well as views of Dakar scenery since the artist has been living in the city for nearly thirty years. Throughout this exhibition we can also discover his latest photomontage works.


His poetic graphic language, marked by the popular culture, is leading us along the rhythm of music. We shift to an intimate setting. We are practically in his home, staring at his vinyl collection, sitting on a couch enjoying a movie, or in his studio, contemplating the view by the half-opened window.