Nouchi City: Aboudia

26 September - 15 November 2014 ABIDJAN

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is pleased to present "Nouchi City" its first solo show by Aboudia in Abidjan.


One of the walls is covered by a large installation, made of small-sized works carpeted of magazines pictures that are the swarming background of our environment. Some pictures of African statuettes and traditional scenes are highlighted. This background, both theoretical and material, is then invaded and covered by layers of colors, dashes of pencil or painting who carries those old figures into the eclectic hurly-burly of the «Nouchi City», the city where Aboudia lives.


Aboudia takes his “Nouchi City” with him everywhere, also in Europe and in the USA. With only thirty years old, he is a globalized artist at the image of his multicultural city, and even if his work grows with those different influences, the “Nouchi” spirit always remains.