Toi seulement : Vincent Michéa - DAKAR

20 March - 28 August 2020

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is pleased to present Toi Seulement, a solo show by Vincent Michéa.


Dedicated to his practice of photomontage, Toi seulement is a visual wander through the plastic research that has marked the artist’s career over the last decade. Known for his pop and colourful paintings that borrow their themes from a popular film and music culture as well as from the daily life of West African cities, Vincent Michéa has also developed a serial approach that is more confidential but just as ambitious which this exhibition intends to make people discover and rediscover. The chronological display takes us from Paris to Dakar via Abidjan, three cities that occupy an important place in the artist’s life, three geographies but also three cultural influences that respond and echo each other from work to work.


Untangling the knots of the image to untangle the detours of history; recomposing the image to recompose memory, keeping the significant elements to signify other imaginaries, such is the aesthetic project that has guided the artist in his relationship to photomontage for the past ten years. Vincent Michéa thus transposes spaces and plural temporalities onto a contemporary territory and invites us to immerse ourselves in the multiple dimensions of his creations. From then on, for those who want to follow the main graphic lines of the artist’s narrative, stand the proponents of a personal story whose scope remains undeniably universal.