Mediterranea 19 Young Artists Biennale - School of Waters : Binta Diaw, Adji Dieye

San Marino 15 Mai - 31 Octobre 2021 

The 19th edition of the Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean will take place in the State of San Marino between the 15th of May until the 31st of October 2021, under the title School of Waters, as proposed by the participants of the third edition of A Natural Oasis? A Transnational Research Programme (2018-2020) and will comprise of exhibition, film, performance, research and educational programs. 

Founded in 1985 as a nomadic platform, the Biennale is organized by BJCEM – Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée -  an international association with more than fifty affiliated members and partners around Europe, Asia and Africa, with a shared mission to support the participation of emerging creatives coming from, or based in the Mediterranean and the extended European territories. 

Over the course of its eighteen editions the Biennale has supported thousands of artists from more than thirty countries travelling from Barcelona to Marseille, from Sarajevo, to Rome, Athens and Tirana. Each edition reveals opportunities for deepening cultural exchange, learning from others, as well as for mobility and exhibition support for young cultural professionals. Anoter aim of this network is to create similar opportunities of mobility and production outside the framework of a Biennale through the development and realisation of collaborative projects, training and research programs throughout the year.  

Mediterranea 19 is promoted by the State Secretariat for Education and Culture and the Cultural Institutes of the Republic of San Marino along with the University of the Republic of San Marino.