If Dalila Dalléas Bouzar raises the question of identity, she lets it speak through the flesh, traces on the skin. In gentle reliefs, in the quivering brushstrokes, graphics and oscillations of her painting, her confident gestures are sometimes disrupted. The images therefore reveal her fragility; the figure keeps her movement in equilibrium.


With restraint, each character wears an unresolved expression that forms with the passage of time and historicity. The black in contrast forms matter from which the light emanates in a classic style reinvented over the course of the emotions rendered. The voids left and the unfinished strokes in places cause melancholy and the urge to reshape a part of oneself, to listen to the resonance that they disseminate. The mysteries that infiltrate transfigure the intensity of the hidden world, of the cosmos and myths.


In a role-play she arranges, steals and dissolves the material to preserve the memory indefinitely. The artist is in turn victim and guilty of the disappearance of these traces of her past.


''Self-portrait, child portrait, hotel rooms and architecture drawings, child sculpture made of reinforced concrete, warrior penguins made of plaster, colors - green, umber, raw umber, burnt sienna, Prussian blue, cereleum, ultramarine, titanium white, zinc white, pink, flesh pink. My painting is a quest for flesh pink. The pink of the skin, of the flesh. I'm obsessed with pink. Pink makes me think of cannibalism. Eating human flesh. Eating yourself. The taboo. Since I started painting, I paint self-portraits, as if it were a statement, as if I had to convince myself that I exist. Algerian, born from a construction worker father who immigrated to France, I used to admire art from afar. Painting, a supreme and sacred art to my eyes has particularly always been taboo to me. Through painting, I free myself. I free myself of my personal history and of the contemporary history of the world, which dictates that an African female artist coming from European ex-colonies must do new media, art and talk about topical issues, and above all must not express herself through painting. Drawing is my foundation, painting is my main field, sculpture is its natural extension.''

Dalila Dalléas Bouzar


Image: Image : Untitled #5, série Ma demeure, 2019