Vincent Michéa is first and foremost a collector of images. His own shots as well as clichés drawn from African history inhabit his creative process. His approach is a committed one, his choice of photographs is sentient. Vincent Michéa only works with images that move him, animate him and make sense in his work. Everything is connected. Pieces tie into one another, they are superimposed, answer each other, or multiply. Michéa’s paintings are as many hyphens to a  flagrant history of modernity. In this obsessive quest, Michéa turns himself into a fabulous image manipulator and one of the  first painters to cover a vibrant and uplifting African iconography.

From a distance, Michéa’s paintings look like tinted photographs. As you get closer, images disintegrate into a constellation of dots creating the different layers of reading of this alternate world. The notion of rewriting an image is also very present in his photo-collage work. Michéa thus depicts his collage process: “I cut, I slice, I sculpt, I make incisions, I snip, I rip, I amputate, I behead and I dismember...“


Michéa seriously plays with the views, the references, and talk to us using the language of color about his standards, cinema, popular music, a beautiful time, here but mostly from elsewhere: another space-time, a nostalgia, a futuristic vision, humanistic.


Image: Untitled #5, série Rendez-Vous, 2017