Faire de la rue un salon d'extérieur: Cheikh Ndiaye

15 January - 12 March 2016 ABIDJAN

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is pleased to present " Faire de la rue un salon d'extérieur ", a solo exhibition by the artist Cheikh Ndiaye. 


Cheikh Ndiaye’s world constantly reflects the origin of his research, the street. “Faire de la rue un salon d’extérieur’’ (From the street to an outdoor living room) contains within the gallery space his painting, arrangements, questionings and installations. The exhibition is based on individual and collective experience. Like walking in the town where we feel connected with the crowd, as well as a solitary being deep within.


In this exhibition Cheikh Ndiaye materialises the idea of the porosity of substances, in relationships of alterity or otherness. He interlinks it in his pieces with the notion of deterioration, as if resisting omission.