J’aimerais me voir dans tes yeux : Rachel Marsil - DAKAR

17 September - 25 November 2022 DAKAR

Cécile Fakhoury Gallery - Dakar is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition of the artist Rachel Marsil on September 17, 2022, entitled I would like to see myself in your eyes.

For her first solo exhibition, Rachel Marsil plunges us into an intimate and colorful universe at the border between memories and dreams. A set of supple silhouettes inhabit the space of the paintings. They seem to be immersed in a contemplative wait, their faces are hypnotic, the similar features from one character to another remain however unique. Those who know the artist will perhaps recognize his face. The canvas is like a mirror in which to explore one's identity: each scene is an opportunity to reinvent a memory.

For Rachel Marsil, painting is an opportunity to tell a larger personal story. Through objects, settings and nature, the artist invites us to listen, to share and to contemplate in the heart of an intersubjective reflection that unfolds from the personal to the collective.