Thibaut Bouedjoro-Camus

In his works, Thibaut Bouedjoro-Camus redefines the themes he addresses in his work and questions both verbal and social categories in order to deconstruct them from within. The works presented in this exhibition deal in particular with the theme of representations of masculinity, tenderness and the link between attraction and repulsion. The embrace represented in the work Le Nègre du Narcisse seems to be chosen as much as suffered. The figure seems to be both willing to let himself be touched and to want to avoid the caress.


The atmosphere that emanates from the works of Thibaut Bouedjoro-Camus oscillates between desire and despair, between tragedy and poetry. Like a dramatist of bodies and movements, the artist awakens in the spectator an awareness of the intangible, of difference and of subtlety. Her works carry traces of the mystery at the origin of all creation, of a magical and elusive world that challenges our claim to omnipotence. They thus create a luminous fable, where the sententious and written moral would be replaced by an intuition, whose transmission, henceforth free, would be done through images, faces, colours and bodies.