The gesture and expressiveness of Sadikou Oukpedjo are driven by doubts and apprehensions of the world as he sees it. For him, the animal world is a source of essential questioning for man humans to find his place in our societies, at the risk to lose sight of certain values, traditions and precepts of nature.


The process of questioning our deep origins finds its roots in the human need of gaining access to the knowledge of oneself, through multiple and ancestral attempts - cosmogony, rituals, sorcery, magic. Henceforth, the work of Sadikou Oukpedjo is one of them.


His representations are filled with and penetrated by the invisible and its power, by the unknown and the hidden. Man analyses the world, models the nature, tries to know the secrets which one will be able to use. He is a magician, a master, an illusionist, a savant, when the essence of live inevitably transforms itself and transcends the world of ideas.


The pastel on paper, the monumental outdoor sculptures, the imposing canvas, the engravings, the ceramics and the carved stones reflect an interior state, in the tortuous silence of one's own self. This morphological anatomical study relates to the spiritual.


The creature that Sadikou Oukpedjo gives existence to, in his works, constitutes a record of the human conscience, crossed by the issue of its primary origin, leading towards an uncertain future.


Image: Nouvelle mythologie #3, 2019