De Punta a Punta: Vincent Michéa

2 October - 23 December 2015 ABIDJAN

Galerie Cécile Fakhoury is delighted to present "De Punta a Punta", the second solo show by Vincent Michéa in Abidjan.


The visual artist and painter, Vincent Michéa, depicts stories that he has appropriated on paper and canvas. The picture is always at the heart of his creative process. He has thoroughly mastered the formal aspects, and questions whether the work is reproducible. The mechanisation in processing the representation refers to industrialisation, with a reflection on time. A relationship and a discussion arise from encountering a photograph, sometimes closer to an internal dialogue. The finality of the systematic process gives substance to the unique work.


De Punta a Punta invites us to look at what is continuously evolving from point to point, the creativity, the relationship between the artist and his material within the subjects that he considers.