Nestor Da found his inspiration in the materiality of a photograph and the infinite possibilities to transform an image. He constructs his work not only from his own photographs as a starting point, but also with found materials. He juxtaposes, confronts, paints and overlaps them into a single image in order to deconstruct the original. Photographs are the raw material of Nestor Da's artworks. He assembles and collects fragments to unveil a new life for the images and build a singular universe on photographic paper.


Nestor Da began composing from a photograph that he took. He made a chosen reality enter his studio, the laboratory of his work. This piece of history is the starting point: then only he processes to painting, cutting out and sometimes even tearing up. Each step of the realisation partitions the ensemble: he creates through successive layers, passages and handprints, that until he transforms the image up to a point, which tends, and reconnects it, to his imagination. A work by Nestor Da is a tale, a photocollage where distortions of the world and poetry cohabit through the freedom of painting.


Nestor Da's creative approach is very similar to a photomontage but he also draws his inspiration from expressionist painting and even Graffiti art. His images are always poetic; dazzling and expressive like a wave, but also elusive. The artist plays with reality and symbolism. The bright colors strike the viewer and both the material and pattern used challenge our perception of the world. Nestor Da's body of work has the particularity of always display a fresh vision of the world that surrounds us and also brings the viewer to ponder.


Images: Untitled #4 and Untitled #8, Au rythme de la vie, Belgique, 2014