Born in 1979 in Déou, in the north of Burkina Faso, the self-taught artist that was trying to find himself through painting will finally encounter the longed-for shadow through the magic of the image. It was a revelation of a passion, of a vocation. Fascinated by the image, he will then very naturally go from photography to video.


About his series Le voleur d'ombres, 2007 : 

"My children speak to you about equality and union. Equality: they are white, they are black, they are rich, they are poor, they are beggars, they are thieves, they are Muslim, they are Christian, they are students, they are vagabonds, they are bureaucrats, they are immigrants, they are autochthones, they are handicapped, they are sportive, they are women, they are men, they are tall, they are small, they are well behaved, they are traveling salesman, they are shepherd and they are animals. Union: they are all present for the family gathering. Despite their different social classes, they are all sitting on the same bench and eating on the same tablecloth. No shadow is staged, I steal the shadows of the people and the animals on the ground and on the walls (these pictures were taken in Senegal, in Burkina Faso and in Democratic Republic of the Congo between November 2005 and today). My pictures are neither reframed nor altered."

Saïdou Dicko


Image: Ce que vous pensez ne peut pas être la vérité, 2016